South Africa Poyeho Involvement

Poyeho Project’s Involvement


  •  ‘Tunnel Farming’
  • Raising organic vegetables for local markets.
  • Beginning with 1 to 2 acres.
  • Longer growing season
  • Reduction of insect pests
  • Expand to provide exportable product
  • A good source to help bring sustainability

Business Development Group

  • Group of 7 business owners
  • Our contact is Angus Bruiners
    • Young man that Poyeho has worked with since 2007
    • Recently graduated from Chef School
    • 5 Restaurants interested in hiring him
    • Hoping to have an opportunity to cook in the US for a season
  • Targeted to receive Government funding to assist local business startups
    • One funding source is a program that was discontinued in Cacadu District due to ineffectiveness
    • Second funding source is a national program that has been under investigation for the last year due to major corruption. Looking to be reinstituted in April of this year.
  • The success of this group in their own businesses and assisting others has brought them to the attention of several government agencies that deal with economic development among the black and coloured population.
  • They are currently working to develop an internet café and business center to focus on business development
  • Our next trip in April we will be meeting with this group to train them in the use of our curriculum and methods.

International export business areas

  • Needlework
  • Juice products
  • Rooibos Tea & Honeybush Tea
    • Lots of stock with no export source