Camp Victory

Announcing CAMP VICTORY 2014

We are so happy and praise the Lord for Great blessings is doing upon us. We would like to let you know that 2014 CAMP VICTORY will be carried out on 3-26 August, 2014, with 120 team members of children and youth. These are our activities we will conduct:

  1. LEADERS SEMMINER from 3-9 August, 2014. C DC’s teachers, Pastors, Evangelist, Volunteers, and Youth above 21 years, Spiritual mature are great invited to join us to train, equip, and disciple the Leaders who will assist us to lead teams. The week will be fully with preparations of Camp, working on the site, learning different skills, interacting & knowing one another, and more practical training. You are invited, to join us with training manuals of Evangelism, First Aid, Discipleship, and Leadership, to come and Lead a team to reach unreached communities. Hope and believe that you will enjoy with us the 7 days of LEADERS Training, to prepare youth to be Leaders, Care Giver, Adviser, Disciple Makers and Evangelist.
  2. CAMP VICTORY SEMMINER from 9-14 August, 2014. short term course in vocational, Bible Study, Missions, & Leadership, to prepare them for putting Faith in Action, Facilitators and Teachers will train and equip team members with different vocational skills, evangelism, missions, Discipleship and games, for them to reach out well and powerful. You are most welcome to be part of CAMP VICTORY.
  3. FAITH IN ACTION/PROJECT from 14-24 August, 2014. are 10 days of projects, outreach, evangelism, church planting & build it, discipleship, and trainings of team members, time for practically of what we have learn and reach out. We are putting our Faith in Action. “Even so Faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone” JAMES 2:17 KJV.  We have 2014 TEAMS, each have meaning to tell. Teams will send out for outreach and winning the lost souls. Each team will have 25 team members and 5 team Leaders. Team will be joined by choice of participants, not by pointing. Leaders will be signed according to his/her skill, talent and training passed together with skills and talents of team Leader. Leaders will set up the sites of where project/Faith in Action will be conducted.
  4. COMMISSIONING/DEBREF from 24-26 August, 2014, are 3 days of receiving fully Commissioning Course, hearing reports from teams, time of celebrating together banquet & LORDS Supper and Commissioning all or setting them all, out to their homes to reach out their communities.


Our team of Elijah (I KING 20: 13-20) will give opportunity to youth to be Local Mass Evangelist Team. Puppets, Drama, Games, Choir, Dancing, and Chorus, Preaching on outdoor, open air, testimonies, Jesus Film, Discovery Bible Study, Bible Sorting, and many ways of winning the lost souls will be carried out with our team. FIRE!!! FIRE!!! Remember Elijah is a Man of Prayer and that God of Elijah sent FIRE!!! to burn offering. To whom you are giving your Offering? You better join ELIJAH TEAM you will not miss up your prayers, God of Elijah will sent fire upon your offering. Elijah great preacher came also in the time of Jesus Christ and preached in the wilderness and people were coming in multitudes for repenting and baptism. This time is yours to preach, give testimonies that charge many lives, putting hands on sick and pray. Join Elijah Team you will be greatly blessed.

Our team of Elisha (II KINGS 4) will give opportunity to youth to be Local young Medical Missionaries, to reach out on Local Healthy Centers, Clinics and Healthy Points for short term trip, of seven (7) days. When they will give hand they will also share the Love of Christ Jesus. We are planning to assist surrounding Health Centers and Clinics by conducting these activities, cleaning surrounding ground, giving hope patients with word of God, assisting Health workers where need a hand. King Jesus will say “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” MATTHEW 25:34-40. Feed the hunger, cloth the poor, give water to thirsty, visit the sick and prisoner, tell them about love of Jesus Christ, give hope, join Christ great ministries of compassion, be blessed and proud, enjoy!!! Compassionate my life style.

Our team of Nehemiah (NEHEMIAH 4: 6) will give opportunity to youth to be Local young Contractors and Disciple Maker. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Are you willing to work together on team? Are you strong? Are you blessed with long, health life? Are you created to renew something very important than any expensive stones of the world? Join a team of Nehemiah a Man of prayer and courage, and sing together a song of “So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work”. We don’t fear opposition by ridicule, anger, discouraged brethren, greed and heartlessness, but with prayers and example of unselfishness, we will continued in the work of plant churches and build its walls, one hand we are witnessing the Love of Jesus Christ.

Our team of Joseph (GENESIS 41: 48-49) will give opportunity to youth to be Local Farmers Follower Makers. Do you have a forgiving and forgetting heart? Do you obey God’s commandment of taking care and work? (Gen 2:15). Are you ready to be in charge of whole land of God to end hunger? (Gen. 41:41), Are you able to work with your own hands &  so that your dairy life may win the respect of outsiders? (1 Thess. 4: 11,12). Joseph Team is encourage youth to join a team to reach community by teaching new ways of farming, Cover crops/ green manure, Foundation for farming, Agribusiness, Communal Gardens, Animal husbandry,  Horticulture and be blessed with work of God. You will also reach Farmers direct to the field with evangelism.

We are humbly inviting you in partnership to join us with different Gifts, which will assist us to reach out our needs: CAMP VICTORY T-Shirts, Bibles, Jesus Film Equipments for evangelism, Vocational Tools, (Carpenter, tailoring, computing, brick laying, Netting, engineering, painting),  coming of you are great blessed gift to all parties. We are so happy, proud and so encouraged of you.