David A. Robbs

David A. Robbsa

David grew up in western Washington, where he currently resides with his wife of 11 years & their three children, William (age 10), Nina (age 8) and Aaron (age 6). David & his wife Nickie run their own health and wellness business, that helps others lose weight, feel great & have more energy. David also has a small business, providing a variety of administrative, logistical and IT support for small to medium sized businesses. Currently, David is pursuing a major career shift & is testing for local law enforcement agencies, focused on a desire to work with young people.

As a young man, David served his local community for four years as a volunteer firefighter/EMT. This proved to be a rewarding and exciting time of David’s life. Even though he no longer serves in this capacity, he has endeavored to take his desire to serve and bless others into every avenue of his life. He currently volunteers his time on his home owners’ association board of directors, serving as a board member since 2005.


David was invited to join the board of directors when his father founded Poyeho Project. He sees his father’s vision to change the financial climate of southern Africa by equipping, training & empowering people to reach their maximum potential. David has a desire to be a part of his father’s dream: to change lives in southern Africa for generations to come.

David enjoys spending time with his family, taking various outings that include camping, vacationing in southern California, family-dinners/movies out & one-on-one motorcycle rides. He enjoys target shooting, teaching others about firearm safety & is looking forward to having his own children join him at the range. He is also active in his motorcycle riding group, which participates in local charity rides.

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