Amanda Osburn

amandaAmanda Osburn – Board Member
Amanda has been involved with the Poyeho Project on different levels since its inception and prior to becoming a board member. Her father David L Robbs and she often talked about Africa and what she could do to help. Amanda has been on the board since 2011 and brings with her over 11 years of financial institution and investment planning experience. She currently is a branch manager for BECU (Boeing Employees Credit Union). She also has a passion for event planning and has co-coordinated the annual Dinner and Auction for the past 3 years.
Amanda and her husband Jason have been married for 6 years and recently purchased a home in Puyallup. Amanda is the mother of 2 of the 7 of Dave and Dayle’s grandchildren. Jason Patrick Arnold is almost 5 and Samantha Ruth is almost 2.
The vision of Poyeho is one that moves Amanda in so many different ways. It touches her mothers heart to see businesses started and growing as a result of the teachings and coaching that the Poyeho Project provides. This in turn gives a family the ability to thrive. It speaks to the business person side of her to see a group of people take what seems to be nothing and turn it into not only a self sustaining business but one that can help others further their businesses as well. To speak hope into the hopeless and bring a future to children who only know death and disease is something that cannot be bought. These are the reasons that Amanda wanted to be on the board and the reasons that she continues to strive to make the Poyeho Project financially able to do all the things it is meant to do .