Malawi Poyeho Involvement

Poyeho Project’s Involvement

NSHFO – Nazarene Small Holder Farmers Organization

The leader of this business group is Gershom Kwerakwera who was my interpreter at the Business Workshop that I presented in Lilongwe, Malawi in May of 2013. NSHFO is made up of Gershom, his wife Joyce, and five other individuals. In June of 2013, he organized the group and launched the business.

During our time together, he shared with me his vision to own a beef herd of approximately 50 head. After several discussions, we determined to start by raising goats and then transitioning to cattle in 2018 when the goat herd size was projected to be 20 or more. We have achieved that herd size in 2016, two years ahead of schedule. We are now preparing for the transition. The plan will be to maintain the goat herd, a money generating piece of the business, and purchase four impregnated heifers either in 2016 or 2017. For the next few years, they will sell goats and any bull calves and purchase more heifers. By 2022, they will have achieved their herd size of over 50.

I want to give you a little insight into the financial impact this business will have on the NSHFO group and their surrounding community. First let me say that the average income in Malawi is $300.00 per year. This will give you something to compare with the projected numbers I’m going to share with you. Maintaining the goat herd at 25 to 30 does, the money generated in selling the offspring each year is $1500.00 gross revenue (5x the average salary). Maintaining the cattle herd at 50 to 80 cows, the money generated each year, starting in 2023, is $25,000.00 gross revenue (over 80x the average salary). In addition, we have just begun discussing spinoff businesses: dairy, fertilizer, prime beef, tanning & leather.

Current strategy and development is to:

  • Purchase 50 hectares of land – cost $1,000.00 (2.47 acres per hectare/123.5 acres)
    • Already have approval from tribal chief
    • Land identified
    • Register with the government
  • Build herdsman’s house, corral, etc. – cost $1,500.00


UCOM – United for Community Outreach Ministry

The leader of this organization is Chipi, who attended the workshop in May of 2013. The vision of this organization is to support the orphans in their area outside of Lilongwe. They are based in Chiemba Village and during my last trip I spent several days with them. They will eventually have a complete compound to provide schooling, housing, and life for these orphans. They provide financial support for their organization through donations, but are continuing to move towards self-sustainability through a variety of farming endeavors.

They have a variety of properties that they farm. They raise: ground nuts (peanuts), maize, sunflowers (for oil), rice, cabbage, etc. The growing season is limited by the rainfall. Some of the areas are close to the river, but other fields are not. The climate is such that if you can get water to these fields you are able to grow crops year round. We are looking to loan them the money to purchase a portable, solar water pump to allow them to irrigate certain sections of their property. By raising crops year round they will have produce to sell in the off season when prices are higher.


Additional Projects

  • VIC Poultry Farm – Egg business. Launching in 2016
  • IT business – Internet café, software training, and computer hardware repair. Launching late 2016 or early 2017
  • Fishing business – Already an existing business, but we are adding planning & strategy to grow the business. Looking to replace nets to improve the catch and eliminate net repair time.
  • Fruit & vegetable dehydration business.

These are a few examples, but the opportunities, ideas, and entrepreneurism is huge.