Donate & Invest

There are two ways to be a part of the Poyeho Project;  Donating and Investing.

Your donations will go far in your dedication of the Poyeho project.  Choose from one-time, weekly, monthly or yearly donations through our secure PayPal account.  We will utilize your donation no matter how big or how small to forward the development of communities in Africa.

Invest and Partner
Become part of the exciting opportunity to invest and partner with small and micro businesses in Africa.  Through your investing you will be able to partner with a small or micro business in Africa to help develop a business that will change a community.  Our goal would be that you would be able to partner and mentor a small business to help them develop a successful business.  Our investing opportunities include a structured investment that the business in Africa uses the money that you are investing to start a business, the African business will then pay back the money as the business grows.  With the money reinvested into the program we will be able to help other businesses with your partnership to ensure the continued success of other businesses in the area.